Monday, July 18, 2016

Two great (free!) resources for vacation rental property owners - both new and experienced

Vacation Rental guides

Congratulations on owning a second home or vacation property!  And congratulations too for being an astute business persons and looking into the benefits of offering your home as a short-term vacation rental.  Whether you are just getting started or are already actively listing your property on popular vacation rental platforms like Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, or FlipKey, there are always new tips and tricks to learn.

Our friends at HomeAway and EvolveVacation Rental Network have put together two handy guides (free!) with a ton of useful information – especially if you’re just getting started.  But even if you consider yourself a vacation rental expert, there could be something you missed and it’s worth perusing these guides.  They’re relatively short reads yet chock full of great insights and advice.  Don’t take the chance that you could miss a quick suggestion or delighter to turn your guests’ experience from “meh” to “wow!”

The first from HomeAway is a step-by-step guide to renting you vacation property.  It’s a primer to make sure you’re ready to start accepting guests and every step necessary to get you to that point.  HomeAway’s Renting Your Vacation Home:  a step-by-step guide is a resource you’ll want to keep handy.

Evolve’s Ultimate Vacation Rental Success Guide is a bit meatier and will help you really optimize your vacation rental property listing and business.  This tutorial is more in-depth and detailed and can be viewed as a “how to” – how to step up from the basics of home renting and move confidently into the big leagues.  The only cost is an email address!  And be sure to study page 8 in Legal & Tax Preparation for some sound advice about lodging tax compliance (hint, hint)!

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